Our Vision at Wind and Wave Ministries

Let me give you a little background in the name. You see the disciples faced a dilemma. Suddenly a storm rose up and had just rocked their boat because of the rough waters.  Jesus, who was in the stern of the small ship, rose from sleep (totally unaffected by the storm around Him) and simply commanded the waves to settle down.  And sure enough, they were still.  So the men asked, “What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!” (Matthew 8:27)  

Judy and I are launching out in a faith journey that will ultimately speak to the storms of life.   The ministry will include 3 parts: 

1. Itinerant Ministries – This is a travelling ministry, somewhat like an evangelist, that will take us to every part of the country and by faith beyond our nation.  This will serve as an encouragement to the local church and its pastoral leadership.

2. Humanitarian Ministries – We are aware of the fact that the widows, orphans and poor among us need our help.  And a portion of the ministry will go to these vulnerable people, who are greatest in need.  

3. Leadership Development – With the training I have received in my past, as a Pastor, Church Ministries Director and ultimately as a District Superintendent, I want to begin to pour back into younger (and the not so young) leaders so that their lives will be enriched from our experience.